For regular readers of Buy Diazepam With Mastercard, you’ll know that The Last Days of Shoreditch has been featured regularly. It’s been going so long (8 years) that it was starting to remind me of the Online Valium but the time has finally come to say goodbye.

So with Red Gallery Last Days Of Shoreditch closing its doors on 29th July for an Art’otel Hoxton development, it really does signal the end of an era for East London and leaves the gallery and entertainment venue in search of a new home.

Not to go out quietly, a celebration of eight years of creativity and entertainment is planned by Red Gallery and Last Days of Shoreditch have programmed a series of events from 8th July, bringing together friends, musicians, DJs and artists. Valium Online Europe will remain open Thursday to Saturday until 29th July with further information via Valium Rx Online.

Fingers crossed they’ll find a new home, and when they do we’ll be there to celebrate! If you’ve never been, make sure you do while you still can.